Increasing market research response rates with social exchange theory

Social exchange theory describes how people decide whether the costs of an exchange are worth the rewards.

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Simple Survey Incentives in the Qualtrics Innovation Exchange

The Giftbit Bulk Rewards Module is now live on the Qualtrics Innovation Exchange.

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What's new: Gift email templates that make changes faster and easier for API customers

Our April 2015 update includes email templates for the API. This makes it easier to manage your gift emails without involving your developers.

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New Integration will FUEL Gamification

Most integrations into our API are straight forward. Simple automation for sending digital gift cards as rewards or incentives.

Some are a little different.

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How do I use a csv file to email gift cards to my contact list?

Most online tools let you export your data as a csv file. So how can you use that csv file to quickly email your contact list their digital gift cards?

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