4 consumer reports every market researcher should read

If you don't understand the digital consumption behavior of your target audience, how can you make smart decisions around marketing to your user base?

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How to make your employees ambassadors of your brand

Often, marketers overlook one of the most important resources for product promotion: their staff.

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How does the evolution of social media consumption affect market researchers?

Shifts in social media behavior can be difficult for market researchers keep up with—but to engage your audience, it’s important to know where your target audience spends time and how they interact on social media.

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5 things recipients find annoying about surveys (and how to fix them!)

Market researchers need surveys. Whether they’re executed on the phone or online, surveys deliver insights that marketers need to effectively position and sell their products or services to prospective customers.

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Who should test your product? Tips for choosing UX testers

After spending significant amounts of time, money and creative energy on the design of your website, application or other product, how do you know if it will meet the expectations of prospective users?

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