Should you buy or build your own tech? 4 questions to ask yourself before deciding

Deciding to buy technology or build your own is not only an important decision, it can be a difficult one.

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How mobile payments will disrupt consumer behavior research

Mobile payment technology is growing rapidly, with major corporations like Apple and Samsung offering their own solutions, and changing the way marketers connect with consumers.

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Market research best practices: how to design a more effective survey

Digital survey tools have given marketers a cost-effective means of learning about their customers and prospects, but the information they gather is meaningless without solid survey design.

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Should you use A/B tests in market research?

A/B testing has been helping market researchers optimize their tactics for years. Google started using it in February 2000 to determine the number of items to display on its search engine results page.

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5 reasons your market research campaigns aren't working

It’s a market researcher’s nightmare: You designed your survey, sent it out through all your channels, and… nothing happened. A few responses trickled in, but they didn’t indicate any clear trends.

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