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How to encourage customer loyalty with rewards and incentive programs

Many companies are investing in rewards and incentive programs to encourage customer loyalty—but do these strategies work? The answer is yes—if you do it right.

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Keep your talent happy: 5 tips for employee retention

Finding and training new employees is a drag, so savvy HR departments want to do what they can to keep talented staff on board. If you're noticing more turnover at your workplace, try these tips

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How to measure consumer preference using incentives and rewards cards

The year 2015 saw more money spent on gift cards that ever before, with U.S. residents spending $129.7 billion on gift card transactions.

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How to make your employees ambassadors of your brand

Often, marketers overlook one of the most important resources for product promotion: their staff.

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5 tasks at work that deserve recognition

Landmark events in an employee’s personal life are often celebrated at work: birthdays, weddings, babies. Significant professional accomplishments also tend to be acknowledged and praised.

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