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Ryan Gallant

5 smart ways to use promo codes for marketing

September 20, 2016

Marketing makes more of an impression when you offer something special. A promo code can be a..

Marketing your SaaS company: 3 effective promotions to gain users

September 9, 2016

You've invested time and money in developing a great SaaS product. You know your product takes..

Improve your open rates: how to craft the perfect email subject line

August 16, 2016

For most industries, the average email open rate hovers somewhere between 15 and 25%.

Millennial engagement: 3 incentives that actually work

August 2, 2016

Millennials have incredible brand loyalty, but traditional methods of brand engagement don't..

4 consumer reports every market researcher should read

July 26, 2016

If you don't understand the digital consumption behavior of your target audience, how can you..

How does the evolution of social media consumption affect market researchers?

July 19, 2016

Shifts in social media behavior can be difficult for market researchers keep up with—but to..

5 things recipients find annoying about surveys (and how to fix them!)

July 14, 2016

Market researchers need surveys. Whether they’re executed on the phone or online, surveys..

How to design a great brand when you don’t have a physical product

June 23, 2016

No physical product? No problem! Before we all shifted our lives online, branding was more..

5 tips for designing a product feedback survey

June 17, 2016

A product feedback survey can be a powerful tool for gathering insights into how users..