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How does the evolution of social media consumption affect market researchers?

Shifts in social media behavior can be difficult for market researchers keep up with—but to engage your audience, it’s important to know where your target audience spends time and how they interact on social media.

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5 things recipients find annoying about surveys (and how to fix them!)

Market researchers need surveys. Whether they’re executed on the phone or online, surveys deliver insights that marketers need to effectively position and sell their products or services to prospective customers.

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How to design a great brand when you don’t have a physical product

No physical product? No problem! Before we all shifted our lives online, branding was more focused on tangible things like product packaging, store design and logos. However, branding has evolved since then to keep pace with the realities of the digital age.

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5 tips for designing a product feedback survey

A product feedback survey can be a powerful tool for gathering insights into how users interact with your product and how it can be improved.

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Save your time and sanity: 3 market research tasks you should automate

Traditionally executed, market research is a very labor-intensive operation. From designing survey questions and integrating branching logic to generating representative samples and checking data tables for accuracy, the process involves a high level of detail from start to finish.

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