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How to use short links for custom gift card delivery

Short link gift card offers give you the option to deliver rewards and incentives however you'd like.

Short links are fantastically flexible when it comes to delivering gift card offers. Virtually everyone knows what to do when they see a URL. This makes short links versatile and familiar.



Generate links using our API or you can order a simple CSV of short links easily from your Giftbit account.

Just like ordering for email delivery, you choose:

  • what gift cards you'd like to offer
  • what you'd like the custom message to be
  • how long you'd like the offer to be valid

Giftbit will review the details and email you a CSV of short links. It's almost too easy.

Popular delivery options

Now for the delivery. In short, it's entirely up to you. That's what so great about short links. If you need some inspiration, here are some of the most popular delivery options:


Short-messaging-service (SMS) or text message is a popular way to send digital content directly to mobile devices. This is great if you already interacting with recipients through their mobile device. It's even better if you're already interacting with them via text message.

Many gift cards are redeemed in-store on a mobile device already can make SMS delivery a more seamless delivery option depending on your audience and the gift card offered.

Within Your Own Application

With short links, you can deliver your digital gift card rewards and incentives directly within your application. You only need to serve up a button or hyperlink that points to the unique short link. Given the volume often seen with in-app redemptions, integration with the API is an excellent way to make managing inventory and cash flow easier long term.

Printed Voucher

Sometimes the best way to deliver something is using physical media. Many target audiences are either (1) not easily reached digitally because you lack digital contact information or (2) more responsive to physical media such as printed vouchers.


Simply print a different short link on each copy (your print shop will be able to do this using the simple CSV of short links we send you). You can include simple instructions, but like we said, virtually everyone knows what to do with a URL when they see one.


While Giftbit can email gift card offers on your behalf, you are able to mail-merge a list of unique short links into your own email. If you are already interacting with users through a third-party or proprietary email marketing program, delivering digital gift card offers through this channel might just make a lot of sense for you.

Social Media

Direct messages over social media are a great way to send incentives and rewards to your followers and fans using a method you already use for audience interaction.

This also solves a delivery issue if you do not have their email address or mobile phone number necessary for other delivery options. They are also more likely to share their reward or incentive experience using that same social media.

And More

Maybe you have a better plan for delivering your short links - I'd love to hear your ideas. That's what makes short links so great, the possibilities.

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