What makes Postach.io great for blogging

Erika DowellMarch 31, 2014

In early February, Kiind decided our blog needed a refresh. It needed to be cleaner and easier to navigate.

We worked with a great designer and soon had a fantastic new look to implement. In our search for a WordPress designer, we found Postach.io.

What makes Postach.io great

postachioMost people are already using Evernote

Postach.io’s platform is powered by Evernote, not WordPress. Many people already use Evernote for notes and team collaboration; it's interface is painless to navigate and understand. Moving the blog onto Postach.io keeps efforts organized and in one place.

It's clean and simple

Since the Postach.io is Evernote based, it is a pretty easy switch. You can easily colloborate and share blog drafts, and deciding to publish is as easy as tagging a note with "published". It’s easy to sort posts, see them at a glance, and keep track of them.

Also, since Evernote is available across platforms, your team can blog quickly, regardless of location or device. 

Tidy and Straightforward

We like our workspaces to be tidy and organized. We also like it when platforms are straightforward and easy to learn and use. Postach.io offers both a clean workspace and easy-to-use platform.

Postach.io makes your blog easier to manage. Try it out for yourself.