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What are short links? How are they used?

Let's start by answering the first question: What are short links? 

Check out the URL for this blog post. It should read:

Now try clicking this URL: 

Both take you to the same page – this one. The second URL is an example of a short link, which is basically just a shorter version of a longer link. It seems too simple to be true, and yet it is. Apart from their aesthetic appeal, short links offer a wide range of flexibility for sending gift cards. 

With short links, or as we like to call them, gift links, you have the opportunity to maintain privacy, send gift codes through multiple channels, and get creative with your rewards and incentives campaigns. 

Here are a few reasons why you might choose to use gift links:

1. Are you conducting a private survey?

Giftbit allows you to upload a CSV of recipient information so that you can easily add contacts to your campaign; however, some surveys have privacy restrictions that don't allow contact information to be shared. If this is you - gift links are your answer. With gift links, you will be able to thank survey respondents without sharing contact information with a third party.

2. Sending through text message?

mobile-apps-1.jpgMaybe you are already interacting with recipients through their mobile devices? Or even better via text message? Gift links are a great way to send codes directly to a mobile user. If the recipient doesn't have data or wifi connection, short URLs make it easy to type gift codes onto another device. 

3. What about social media?

We all have a social media account – be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, the list goes on. Why not use these platforms as a way to send gift cards? Maybe you want to reward users that are heavily engaging with your brand. Or perhaps you created a company event and want to thank attendees. As long as you have a way to message these people, you can send gift links with a personalized message.

4. Are you feeling creative?

The thing that makes short links especially attractive is the high level of flexibility they provide. There is nothing stopping you from adding gift codes to your business cards, setting up a booth at a tradeshow, and handing out unique “swag cards” to guests. You get a nice list of leads and your visitors leave with a personalized gift that will make your company stand out from the pen-givers. 


These are just some examples showing how gift links can be used to optimize your rewards campaign. If you have any other creative ideas, questions, or just want to say hello - please leave a comment. We love hearing your feedback!