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3 ways the norm of reciprocity will impact your market research

May 26, 2015

The norm of reciprocity describes one of the most subtle effects to your market research..

Increasing market research response rates with social exchange theory

May 20, 2015

Social exchange theory describes how people decide whether the costs of an exchange are worth..

Gift email templates make changes faster and easier for API customers

April 15, 2015

Email templates make it easier to manage API gift emails without involving your developers.

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New Integration will FUEL Gamification

March 18, 2015

Most integrations into our API are straight forward. Simple automation for sending digital gift..

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These two API endpoints offer easier access to your data and more

January 28, 2015

Learn why these two endpoints are essential to Giftbit API integrations.

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What eCommerce Merchants need to know about Gift Cards and Escheat Law

October 22, 2014

eCommerce companies sell across many states and have to deal with regulations anywhere they..

The impact of connectivity on digital incentives

August 6, 2014

Connectivity impacts your recipient experience when sending digital gift cards for reward or..

3 surprising gift card statistics

April 21, 2014

Every day we come across gift card statitics. Here are three that surprised us:

Promo Codes or Gift Cards?

April 14, 2014

Finding creative ways to build brand loyalty can be challenging for many companies and a balance..