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Stand out companies at LAUNCH 2014

Kiind has been at Launch Festival, and we were able to see some amazing innovative companies, awesome keynote speakers, and make many new connections.

We also presented on the WSGR Startup Stage and showed off the new Merchant Service in the Demo Pit.


Launch Festival is over and the team and I (Erika) have picked some of the companies that stood out. There were some great innovative companies, but these are our top five.

1. Userbin

Userbin makes it easy for developers to setup, use, and maintain a secure user authentication system for their web and mobile apps. Userbin stood out to Kiind mostly for it’s high security. We already have high security in place for your accounts and information, and this can certainly add to that.

2. Get Drop

Get Drop will be an essential tool in the kitchen for anyone, even if you’re an expert baker. The ability to find substitutes is attractive due to allergies, health, or general taste preferences. Also, the ability to accurately change recipe size is a highlight; no more pulling out calculators in the kitchen.

3. Connect

It can be great to see what your friends are up to and where they’ve been, not to mention having an address book on hand. I see Connect helping on many levels; especially because I’m a pretty social person. As long as my location stays private to my friends, I can see myself using this app more. I look forward to seeing where Connect goes (no pun intended).

4. Density

The team also found Density promising. It would be interesting for our retailers to be able to have the data of customers in their store(s). This data can be particularly useful during promotions, events, or seasons. While it does require customers to have a smart phone with the WiFi turned on, this can be exceptional for local businesses to track customers in store and start predicting behaviour and success rates of promotions.

5. Ohmconnect

Ohmconnect is a great way to track and understand the energy you’re using. We love data, reducing our impact on the environment, and not wasting money. We can’t wait for it to come to Canada and British Columbia for us to try it out.Ohmconnect might also be a great way for businesses to discover how to save electricity.


Did you attend Launch or watch the presentations online? I’d like to hear what you thought; comment below.