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The Kiind Merchant Service

Taking what we've learned from our marketplace, we're announcing something very exciting: the Kiind Merchant Service is now in beta.

Are you ready to avoid the tax headaches that come with unused prepaid gift cards on the books? Are you looking for new ways to put your customers first?

Kiind has the solution for you - we’re bringing pay-on-use digital gift cards to your site. Your customers will be able to send pay-on-use gifts from your site using the Kiind Merchant Service.

The Merchant Service

merchant_serviceMerchant Service was created by Kiind in response to retailers and brands who want their own digital pay-on-use gift card programs without the headache of creating them from scratch.

This group can now offer fully branded digital gift cards on their own websites thanks to Merchant Service from Kiind. Merchant Service solves the challenges and tax issues associated with accounting for outstanding gift card balances, and keeps retailers in compliance as North American consumer protection laws evolve.

Companies using the Merchant Service will have Kiind’s patented digital gift cards tailored to their brand and embedded on their websites. Onboarding the Merchant Service is effortless for a retailer and there are fees associated with the service. Kiind provides the embedded technology and full support to Merchant Service users; both retailer and customers sending gifts.

How it works

Setting up Merchant Service is as simple as adding a few lines of code to a website. Kiind integrates with a retailer’s existing checkout software, functioning as an additional payment type. There are no term contracts and pricing starts at $0.55 per gift sent. Users will benefit from additional sales of gift cards through the existing Kiind marketplace and API. Merchant Service users can take advantage of Kiind’s analytics to learn about redemption rates and user preferences for their own gift card customers.


While Kiind currently requires all gift givers to have an account to send gifts, the new Merchant Service will allow Merchant Service gift givers to send gifts without an account. Gift givers, however, create a Kiind account to have gift campaign statistics that Kiind provides now.

Merchant Service retailers can take advantage of Kiind’s analytics to learn about redemption rates and user preferences for their own gift card customers. Data tracking options help retailers navigate the changing landscape of tax regulations and avoid problems associated with reporting the liabilities of outstanding unused gift card balances.

Our new Merchant Service makes life easy for retailers and brands and is the next step in our quest to pick a fight with prepaid retail gift cards. They’re a waste of plastic, packaging and money when they don’t get used. Retailers know it and consumers do too. One day we’ll look back and plastic cards will be an extinct collector’s item. Launching our simple-to-incorporate Merchant Service for retailers is a step in that direction.

Account-less gift giving

To date, Kiind has required gift givers to have an account to send a gift. Now with Merchant Service, you can send a gift account-less. If a gift is sent from an account-less gift giver, they can track their gift via a tracking code given to them after checkout. However, if you’d like all the analytics offered with a Kiind account, you can create an account before or after the sending process.

Of course, our marketplace will remain in place and continue growing as we bring more vendors onto the Merchant Service. That means, giving the gift of choice, sending to multiple recipients, as well as analytics will be accessible as they are now.

We’re accepting beta applications for the Merchant Service right now. For more information about how to start, visit Kiind’s Merchant Service Page.